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Embracing your talents


So you know those wordy signs on wood that are all the rage right now?  Well I thought it’d be great to join in and try my hand at it too. I looked into all the different ways one could possibly get words onto said wood. 

  1. Freehand. Hahaha. yeah right!
  2. Printing onto wax paper and doing the transfer thing. I bought the paper and then realized I have the wrong kind of printer. grrr
  3. Stencils.
  4. Photo transfer.
  5. Sticky letters to be painted over and then removed.

There are certainly options, but none were working out for me and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to participate darn it!

So I ended up grabbing my Dremel.(which has seriously been sitting around in its collector tin for more years than I care to admit; like 6 years 😬. Cause I just had to have it, for my birthday)  Anyway… I started playing around and came up with my style. Finally! It’s a little on the rustic side, but I live in lake country and there are a lot of people with cabins who may appreciate my “craft”.

“Home Sweet Home”came together so naturally and quickly. And now it’s one of my favorites.

I sold my favorite fish sign …”welcome to the lake”. And to think,  I almost didn’t take it off the wall to bring to the craft sale. I’ll have to make one for myself.

So in the end I am fairly pleased with how I got my letters onto the wood. It is certainly different from what I’ve seen. I’m finding more and more signs and such in big box store flyers. Yes I said flyers.  I don’t actually go to those places. But I was surprised that the health food store had signs. And really weirded out and disappointed to touch them and realize it was a paper coating to look like wood and what not. It’s sad that nothing is handmade anymore.  Makes me feel like this is a pointless endeavor. Do people want true art made by people? Do they care? Finding that market may be tough.

But there’s something to be said for passion. Maybe it’s contagious !