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Full timing before I knew it was a “thing”.

Full timing before I knew it was a “thing”.

Almost looks like the beginnings of the tiny house movement.

I’ve been fairly secretive about the fact that we live in an RV. Everyday; all year round. There is no sticks and bricks for us to regroup at. This isn’t our summer home. This is a full time venture. A full time commitment to living this lifestyle.  Usually “full-timing” means people are traveling from one place to another in an orderly fashion in a vacation type of quest. Staying in one campground for a short period of time or the local Walmart parking lot for a night here and there. Staying somewhere, briefly, for free is referred to as boon docking. Making your way across the country seeing the sights and keeping costs down as much as possible is the usual goal. Full timers often make there income by working on-line or workamping: traveling to a job designed to facilitate the RV lifestyle by providing camping accommodation. So there are a lot of options in enjoying this lifestyle.  We chose to work regular jobs while living in year round campgrounds.  Since we were in an oilfield area; finding this as an option was easy. But year round campgrounds simply don’t exist in most areas.  

Not pretty. But that’s how you stay warm in a camper in winter. This was our first winter and actually a very mild year. There were worse! And there are prettier ways to wrap a camper. Learn as you go.

Yesterday my husband made the comment ” what if we had u tubed our whole journey over the years? ”  I admit my first thought was ” you aren’t ashamed of how we live? ” We are very quiet people who keep to ourselves and cherish our privacy. But suddenly I thought why not Share?! In my next thought I was wondering what my true feelings were. Was I embarrassed? I remembered all the feelings that go along with such a situation. At first it was an adventure. We had only planned to stay in a camper for one year. (If we made it that long!) I didn’t even know how to flush the toilet! I was waiting for child services to show up. Seriously. Not one person we knew had ever done this. We moved to a place where it was actually quite normal but all the full timers we met were very old couples or working oil patch guys. (Turns out we were in the wrong campground! Families do this all the time in that area and often homeschool to be with the father near his job) We got through the year learning a lot about having grace and patience. When someone feels the need to pace… sit your butt down and for goodness sake,tuck you feet in! lol  We learned about spending more time outside and with each other. About going on adventures! 

Quad trails and picnics high above the river.

After taking a journey across the country and reassessing our life at the one year mark; it was still a good fit for our family so we upgraded to a brand new camper. I was proud to have showed my kids that there is a different way to live and it’s okay! In fact; it’s wonderful! I didn’t want them only seeing how the Jones’ lived. Only meeting “the Jones'”. They now know that every area of their country has a different way of doing things.  A different normal. And very different ideas about what the best local swimming spot is.! 😀  We’ve had a lot fun along way. It’s not for everybody as it sure can put a different spin on things. I suppose it’s all in how you look at it and how willing you are to adapt. There’s no room for a treadmill or 50 pairs of shoes. It comes down to basics. I still have my favorite knick knacks and one plant. I had to tweak the way I cook and I figured out how to can inside with just 2 burners going. Adapt. Go with flow.  Enjoy the ride. Live with grace and understanding. It’s all very doable. Exactly how long have we been doing this you ask? Sigh… its been over 4 years! I had hoped for a property and the makings of a house ages ago. But we couldn’t decide where to live. There are so many beautiful places but you have to consider logistics as well.  We did recently get a property but are still living in in the RV. We’ve set up a yard homestead style. It was a raw wooded lot. We’ll start building a house in spring. 🙂

Hey so does this make me somewhat of an expert then?  I might have to do some posts about how things run around here. Stay tuned!