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Scary sewing concepts debunked


Reversible, Lined, Hexagon, Kaleidoscope, Pinwheel  …. Did you cringe as much as I did when I first came across these words used in sewing?!

I have fumbled my way through a few large quilts. They were made from clothes and scrap material. My last two were about salvaging as much of the kids’ baby memorabilia as I could before we moved. I incorporated sleepers, including ones my mom had saved of mine, receiving blankets, maternity clothes I wore with them, memorable dresses/clothes. I even cut up a crocheted baby throw my mom made when she was pregnant with me. Even with all the different textures, somehow I pulled it off. I only wish the seams would have held out a little better.

I have since come to understand the importance of careful cutting, pinning and allowing enough for seams.

I’m not one to follow or take instructions very seriously. Call it what you like, stubbornness, laziness,  excitement to see the finished project, my way of being rebellious. I usually wing it first, fail miserably a few times and either learn from my mistakes or finally with much chagrin, follow the instructions carefully. With some first hand knowledge under my belt, my tail tucked between my legs, I listen intently to the process wishing I’d done just that 3 hours ago :p

My latest endeavour was the Kaleidoscope bag which came with detailed patterned pieces. Lining up the dots would have proven worthwhile because at the end of it all, my four separate pieces didn’t line up properly. I ended up only using two of the pieces side by side, on each side of the bag.


I had taken a free craftsy class awhile back to learn how to make a reversible market bag. There was no way of winging this one. A reversible or lined bag would be a huge undertaking for me. I followed carefully and rewound the video often. I ended up with a bag that was done correctly… if you can look past the fact that one ‘lining’ piece is wrong side out and it can no longer be called reversible. lol Also, the obvious pen marks made by measuring wrong. And not the ideal use of a pen…they don’t wash out. lol

Next up… I’m practising the hexagon. What the heck was I so worried about!? It all makes since once you sit down and do it. Just don’t forget to line up the dots!