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Learn to knit a dishcloth



Learn to knit a dishcloth

I was finally able to find the pattern I was wanting to try and thought I would share it. (click on title ‘Learn…dishcloth) As new as I am to knitting, this was easy to follow and made a professional looking cloth.
I was confused to learn that the pattern on the yarn package wasn’t even uniform. I tripled checked that I was following it correctly and could even see that mine turned out looking the same as the picture. Very strange… the decrease did not match the increase. So I am very pleased to have found the pattern I will be using on a regular basis. 

FAIL on this pattern

FAIL on this pattern

Click on image to enlarge and read pattern


UPDATE:: I upped the size of my needles and using the same pattern now have an awesome face/bath cloth; including hanging hook 🙂

Lovin' the purple!

Lovin’ the purple!