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Finding Strength in Bed Rest 


It’s at your weakest that you become stongest.

I took a tumble 3 and half weeks ago. Tobagganing with a not so small child. ..not the best idea!  As you may know… GT racers have a steel frame😕. I was sitting on one at the top of the run about to go down for the second time.  At this point my youngest daughter hopped on behind me.  I didn’t feel very good about the idea as I pulled myself as forward as possible,  cramming my feet into the curve of frame.  Despite a little pre run nausea, down we went. At the bottom we crashed. With a strong forward momentum I skidded on my face and knew right away that I had twisted my leg pretty bad. Possibly to the point of breaking. I was scooped up off the lake and taken home to bed. There I stayed for the better part of 3 days, refusing to go to the hospital.

Not sure about the whole laying still idea, I picked up my crochet hook and started making hats.  I made 4 baby hats on the first full day and continued making hats till I had 10 done in a week and a half,  including a men’s hat that Mr. Evolving requested. My forearms were burning but I kept on, out of pure enjoyment! The baby hats turned out so cute!

So since my leg was now out of commission and my back starting to stiffen in desperate need of a work out…I took to the floor.  I decided that there was no reason I couldn’t work my arms and stretch my back.  I went from 3 pitiful push-ups to 15 in no time. This is a big deal because I’ve had tendinitis in both to love a colicky baby 😉Ha! One day in the midst all of this new found focus, I was peeling potatoes and realized I had peeled at least 5 with no pain! Said “baby” peeled the other half and then I sliced all of them with absolutely no issues. I sat back in awe when I realized what I had just done! I can usually only peel 2 before I need a break! Let alone slice them! ! So between my crochet marathon and all of those push-ups. .. guess what!?? I strengthened my wrists 😊! After struggling with this for over 8 years, I’m beyond excited! I just love when our bodies surprise us and rise to a challenge but on the same hand it’s so disheartening when it lets us down.

Our bodies are meant to move. They’re meant to work. Sometimes we get hurt but there again, we are meant to heal. I pushed my body and stretched it everyday. I limped for over 2 weeks. But I healed! My body did not break. I was torn on how much to baby it and how much to work through it. I suppose I alternated and it worked for me.

My body is REALLY good at letting me know when I’ve been too lazy!  I don’t want that to happen any more.  So work whatever body part is still functional! Lol You’ll be happy you did 😊
UPDATE…. its been 6 weeks since my crash and I have stayed committed! I do a short yoga session every night before bed and am sure to stretch and twist my hip and thigh as it is still stiffer than normal. I also reach and stretch all day when I think of it and have continued with the push ups. I am now able to do the plank pose on my hands instead of just my elbows. I’m excited to be toning up and look forward to a stronger body.

It’s amazing how far small consistent changes can take you.

Here’s to your evolving body 😊


Say Yay to Gray!


When we moved six months ago I found myself in a camping situation and dying my hair would prove to be tricky. Disposing of the resulting dye in the rinse water was an issue. It just so happened that a family friend was growing out her gray hair and her boyfriend kept encouraging me to do the same. I wasn’t sure if I was ready and dyed my hair a couple more times anyway. I went with a lighter color than usual, hoping to tame my black locks.

As my hair grew out, the more the strip of brown dye was noticeable and stressing me out! I had a box of black under my sink and decided to streak it in. It worked wonderfully!

If I had to do it all over… I would forget about the brown and just streak in the black to blend the gray out better.

My temples were pretty white.  I realized quickly that pulling my bangs back showed less gray than having the extra strip of white in the part. But I wore a headband across the bang part for a while.

My braids are still black which is kind of cool if I decide to wear a hat and knock off a few years. Lol

I crocheted an extra wide headband to cover everything and I really like it!

Cause the skinny one wasnt covering anything anymore!  Lol

They’re cute tho, right?

So here’s me today….

It’s a journey that’s for sure. An emotional one,  at that.  I’m not even 40 yet. But being stressed about your roots and putting that chemical on your head every 4 to 6 weeks gets really really old. I used to push it as long as I could.  Wear a certain hat or do your hair a certain way or hide at home. Lol just kidding.. please tell me you are not hiding at home because of your hair! I won’t judge…I’ve done it. Far too often. But it has to stop! And with the new trend of everyone wanting to dye their hair grey!? Hello… perfect timing!! And guess what? !! It’s winter…where I live anyway.  Jeez I was going to celebrate hat season with you. Hope you can join in. It’s actually quite exciting! And you’ll save money and the environment and your brain!  Can you even imagine the brain damage?  Jk…won’t go there 🙂




I’ve spent my fair share of time standing in the organic aisle at the grocery store, reading and comparing labels. Most times, with a crying baby at my feet. I’d pay a ridiculous amount of money for my ‘natural’ shampoo; only to bring it home and find out it was still laced with the toxic chemicals I was trying to avoid. I was getting more and more frustrated with wanting to trust these companies that were claiming to be natural, but was feeling consistently lied to.  It wasn’t until I met with a lady about a work from home opportunity that my eyes were truly opened. She began explaining about formaldehyde in toothpaste and fibreglass and sawdust fillers in my favorite laundry detergent! What??!! I met her to learn about how she was earning residual income from home around her young kids. I wasn’t expecting to be bombarded by all this new and somewhat scary information. So, as she continued to horrify me… lol. I began to think that this may be my solution. So, I became a customer with her wellness company and ordered a few products to try. The following month I ordered a large kit full of cleaners and shampoo, lotion… and even organic crackers!


Remember that crying baby? Well, she was now able to follow me around while I cleaned the house; even hanging over the edge of the bathtub while I scrubbed it!! As the cold weather came, so did my sons horrible eczema; as it did every year. But this time we were armed with a new tool. The lotion. I had little expectation for yet another product. After years of fighting with the ugly scales and redness, sending the poor boy to bed with socks on hands trying to soak in yet another greasy concoction in hopes of some relief, we were pleasantly surprised with this one. On the third day of using this new contender, we had such success that my elated son was jumping up and down in the kitchen saying excited “I finally have normal hands!”  This is the best sound to any mothers ears! We are into our fourth winter with no issues on his hands; what so ever! He gets dry hands like anyone else and then uses the lotion; maybe once a week. Of course the fact that our home is no longer a mix of chemical products in every room and our clothes and bedding are no longer full of irritants; might have something to do with it too.


Your home is your haven. You should feel safe and protected in the place where you spend your time relaxing with your family and friends. You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s in the products you are using on yourself, that the cleaners under the sink are out-gassing or that your child may have an allergic reaction to the laundry soap you bought on sale.

To see the overview that I was shown, please visit this website and leave your info. I will personally be in contact with you 🙂

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with the shopping company mentioned and will receive commission on new customers.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from safer products in their home, please pass on my story 🙂

Our mission is to help people. Learning and sharing is the best way to do that. Health, wellness and prevention should be on the top of every ones daily to-do list. This just makes it easier.

Sharing is caring 🙂 Thank you to all who take the time to do it. You are making a difference!

Removing a mole or skin tag naturally


Those pesky little things can be annoying and unsightly. I did visit my doctor about the one on my face and one that my son has. She was not concerned medically about them and seemed to have no interest in removing them cosmetically for us.


I had heard about and seen pictures documenting the removal of a mole with Apple Cider Vinegar. It took me a long time to work up the courage to try it myself. I chose a small, easy to reach one to practice on.



Step one was to ‘grease’ the surrounding area. Vasaline would work well. I used the petro-carbo salve from Watkins, cause that is what I had on hand. Then, I dipped a q-tip into the ACV and pulled it off the stick. (I used raw Braggs brand apple cider vinegar)

Bragg -raw, unfiltered

Bragg -raw, unfiltered

Place it  precisely over the mole and cover it with a band-aide. Do this before bed and remove in the morning.

2014-02-04 20.34.10
I waited a couple nights and did it again. 4 applications over the course of a week.

after -stilling healing

after -stilling healing

As you can see in the above picture… this mole was right by my bra strap. So it was a bit of an irritant.

And the final pic after it was all healed up.

All done. Just a smooth small scar.

All done. Just a smooth small scar.

So there you have it!! It can be done safely and with little trauma 🙂 The area was a little itchy and irritated, but no biggie. I was surprised at how fast and effectively it worked. So it seems very important to protect the skin around it, or I suspect you would have some peeling etc. going on.
So, good luck on removing your unwanted extra embellishments 😉