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Coffee :who needs it?!


Today marks one year since I quit coffee. Why did I decide to ditch my favorite drink? The thing I went to bed dreaming about and excited to wake up to the next morning?! Well, I was using it in all the wrong ways. I was totally dependent on it when I woke up. Waking up like a non-functioning zombie isn’t actually normal!

I was also using it to suppress my hunger. When I felt hungry I would just drink more coffee… Instead of eating. Not good.

I wasn’t drinking enough water. I now have an arsenal of goodies that actually tastes good and count as my water intake. I’ll share more in a minute.

Obviously I’d have to replace that morning cup of hot bliss with something else equally hot and awesome… And caffeinated!

Enter TEA 😊 Yum! I started with the classic black tea, Earl Grey; but with vanilla! Whoop whoop. Yes, it is dreamy! It seemed like a nice starter tea with high caffeine but so much yummier than your typical red rose type. Here’s the list of black teas I had to choose from.

So how did it go, you asked?! Knowing how big my coffee addiction was and my history of withdrawal headaches, I knew I’d have to wean myself off as best as possible before making the switch to only tea. It was a smooth transition with very little headaches. Yay!

As I got farther into the journey I found I woke up peppier and not as dependent on the caffeine but still enjoyed sitting down with a hot cup in my hands. And by the way, tea is quite fascinating! I learned so much!

Soon I was able to explore all the different types of tea; some with less caffeine than others. I even found some awesome fruit teas to excite my dreary water. And to my surprise I discovered a natually sweet and decadent tea that I thoroughly enjoyed on our cold winter evenings. They became my treat, instead of a sweet snack. Wow, that’ll change things!😃

Something change for me….. I was hungry! Lol My appetite was no longer suppress- so I listened. Let’s eat! Yep, I became a breakfast eater. Nothing Fancy, no schedule- just something decently healthy in my tummy.

Fast forward six months and I learned that I should be eating within one hour of waking up and I figured out how to make an amazing egg omelet.

I was never an egg person. Now I love them. I also discovered Matcha! Now that is an amazing coffee replacer!! 6 hours of calm alert energy? Yes please!

It’s been a flavorful year. I only ever drank black coffee. Now I get to choose a fresh flavor every morning. 🤗

I highly recommend getting into teas if you aren’t already. I can’t say enough good things. I’m excited to really play around with iced teas, lemonades and popsicles this summer.

I order my teas and matcha (and dip mixes) from the Canadian company Steeped Tea. Love their story and small family vibe. Check out their catalog here.