Fabric Easter Eggs



This is way too cute not to share!  Happy Easter weekend everyone! I am sewing these up as we speak. I’m hoping to surprise the girls with them in a couple days.  Maybe they will learn to juggle?! Cause we all know they won’t be sitting pretty on a shelf at my place.  They will be played with…. hopefully lovingly 😆😉

I didn’t print out the pattern because I’m in my studio and got too excited and just scribbled out a template. After a few tweaks and having to use old t shirt strips for stuffing…till I get home to my real stuffing…. this is a good test for my improvised pattern. 

Okay… now follow Retro Mamas link and go make these! ! Now!…. go. Don’t worry,  you got time.  If I can pull this off..lol You definitely can! 


About Rita

Welcome! I'm glad to share some of what I've learned over the years with you. I try to learn new things often. Being mostly self taught usually means making a lot of mistakes first. In the kitchen this includes, baking with yeast, canning, fermenting, soaking, drying foods, grinding my own flour, making most things homemade, altering recipes to make them healthier, etc. I started sewing more complicated things, learned to knit and then taught the kids. Next was crocheting and then homeschooling. More adventures ahead...

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