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Breads, Biscuits, Breakfast


Whole wheat flax bread


Biscuit Pizza Crust

Blender soaked pancakes 

Soaked Porridge 





This primitive sort of bread was introduced into the west by the Selkirk settlers. It has become a favorite of northern fur trappers.

2 cups flour

1 teaspoon salt

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 cup shortening (I use butter)

3/4 cup water

Sift flour, baking powder and salt into bowl. Cut in butter until mixture resembles course bread crumbs. Add water and mix quickly to a soft dough. Turn out on floored board, kneed lightly for 30 seconds and pat into a 10 inch round. Cook in lightly greased frypan over medium heat till brown. (about 15 minutes per side) Serve warm. Yeild: 1  10-inch bannock.

Note: I never mess up my counter… just knead quickly in bowl and flatten into pan or make smaller ‘patties’ in your hands for quicker cooking and individual servings. My 10 yr old daughter really enjoys making these for the family. She prefers to pat the dough into small biscuit sizes and fry them up like that. I’ll be the first to admit, they turn out better than mine. They are made with love and a sense of confidence that I admire, mine are always rushed and usually a last minute addition. She sure knows how to slow things down and really enjoy her time in the kitchen. So these are officially hers to make now. And because she has mastered this simple recipe and rarely asks for help, I truly love working the kitchen with her.

On a side note: we usually cook these in a dry non oiled skillet, whether it be non stick or coated cast iron.



Fabric Easter Eggs


This is way too cute not to share!  Happy Easter weekend everyone! I am sewing these up as we speak. I’m hoping to surprise the girls with them in a couple days.  Maybe they will learn to juggle?! Cause we all know they won’t be sitting pretty on a shelf at my place.  They will be played with…. hopefully lovingly 😆😉

I didn’t print out the pattern because I’m in my studio and got too excited and just scribbled out a template. After a few tweaks and having to use old t shirt strips for stuffing…till I get home to my real stuffing…. this is a good test for my improvised pattern. 

Okay… now follow Retro Mamas link and go make these! ! Now!…. go. Don’t worry,  you got time.  If I can pull this You definitely can! 

Finding Strength in Bed Rest 


It’s at your weakest that you become stongest.

I took a tumble 3 and half weeks ago. Tobagganing with a not so small child. ..not the best idea!  As you may know… GT racers have a steel frame😕. I was sitting on one at the top of the run about to go down for the second time.  At this point my youngest daughter hopped on behind me.  I didn’t feel very good about the idea as I pulled myself as forward as possible,  cramming my feet into the curve of frame.  Despite a little pre run nausea, down we went. At the bottom we crashed. With a strong forward momentum I skidded on my face and knew right away that I had twisted my leg pretty bad. Possibly to the point of breaking. I was scooped up off the lake and taken home to bed. There I stayed for the better part of 3 days, refusing to go to the hospital.

Not sure about the whole laying still idea, I picked up my crochet hook and started making hats.  I made 4 baby hats on the first full day and continued making hats till I had 10 done in a week and a half,  including a men’s hat that Mr. Evolving requested. My forearms were burning but I kept on, out of pure enjoyment! The baby hats turned out so cute!

So since my leg was now out of commission and my back starting to stiffen in desperate need of a work out…I took to the floor.  I decided that there was no reason I couldn’t work my arms and stretch my back.  I went from 3 pitiful push-ups to 15 in no time. This is a big deal because I’ve had tendinitis in both to love a colicky baby 😉Ha! One day in the midst all of this new found focus, I was peeling potatoes and realized I had peeled at least 5 with no pain! Said “baby” peeled the other half and then I sliced all of them with absolutely no issues. I sat back in awe when I realized what I had just done! I can usually only peel 2 before I need a break! Let alone slice them! ! So between my crochet marathon and all of those push-ups. .. guess what!?? I strengthened my wrists 😊! After struggling with this for over 8 years, I’m beyond excited! I just love when our bodies surprise us and rise to a challenge but on the same hand it’s so disheartening when it lets us down.

Our bodies are meant to move. They’re meant to work. Sometimes we get hurt but there again, we are meant to heal. I pushed my body and stretched it everyday. I limped for over 2 weeks. But I healed! My body did not break. I was torn on how much to baby it and how much to work through it. I suppose I alternated and it worked for me.

My body is REALLY good at letting me know when I’ve been too lazy!  I don’t want that to happen any more.  So work whatever body part is still functional! Lol You’ll be happy you did 😊
UPDATE…. its been 6 weeks since my crash and I have stayed committed! I do a short yoga session every night before bed and am sure to stretch and twist my hip and thigh as it is still stiffer than normal. I also reach and stretch all day when I think of it and have continued with the push ups. I am now able to do the plank pose on my hands instead of just my elbows. I’m excited to be toning up and look forward to a stronger body.

It’s amazing how far small consistent changes can take you.

Here’s to your evolving body 😊