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Following Trends~Or Not


Hello. Hello.

So, I’ve been on Instagram (IG) for a couple months now and quickly discovered something.  There is a huge Joanna Gaines following!  I don’t have t.v. or follow their show but I have heard of them over the years and recently jumped on YouTube to check out Fixer Upper. I’m not sure if the show has inspired this white on white on antique on chippy paint thing or if it is just a common design trend right now.  Either way I’m kind of digging the simplicity of it. Part of me wants to create colorful art pieces; and I have.  But I figured I should try making a simple black and white worded sign with stained trim. And since I had the exact trim pieces already cut (from the shop counters we made) and the exact stain color they(IG DIYers) were using…. it was natural that I give it a go.

I cut some square pieces of MDF that I had left over from building the shelving in the shop. Then I just free handed some lettering. My brush wasn’t very good and left trail marks, which I’ve decided I can overlook.  I made 2 signs and one ended up with the trim drying in an off kilter kind of way. So that one is in my home and we love it. The other one is at the shop greeting people as they walk in.

I later got my printer connected to my new lap top and was able to try printing out some stencils. I went into Word on the computer and did up a few simple fonts. After I printed it as big as possible I had to enlarge it a time or two, depending on the size of my sign. Then I used the pencil shading method to transfer the outline onto the board. This worked better than I expected.  I got some new brushes and went to work.  Working on the big signs was easy but as I got to the smaller mini size.  I again had trouble. 

I ended up using a nail to push the paint around into the corners of my “it’s so good to be home” mini sign. I also had issues with attaching the trim. This time I thought I’d nail the pieces on while the glue was still wet. Hahaha that’s where things got slippery! Nails were bent, bad words were spewed and all the while I was thinking about the brad nailer that was being used at my house at that very moment. (Borrowed from a friend)  BUT instead of taking it home and trying to do it the easy way, I persevered. It’s at my house now….  (Not good enough to sell) greeting us happily when we come home.

I have since seen women grab a brush and paint free hand in all these beautiful fonts. Just. Like. That. Perfect brush strokes. I’m left thinking that I either have to realize it’s not my thing or practice my cursive skills and my painting skills.  Oh and my trim skills. And then they package everything so pretty for shipping. Ahh!  They’re all so perfect… Wants to make me pull my hair out.

So I think my current conclusion is to stop trying to live up to. …which also translates into. ..stop copying what everyone else is doing and just do what YOU do. For ME?… I think I like abstract!  😂

So I ended up with a few cute signs. And maybe I’m the only one who sees the flaws. But for right now they serve as a great reminder of the old saying practice makes perfect. And of course the one about doing your own thing.  My favorite though, has to be the quote I chose for the back of my business card, which says “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein. Love that quote so much!!!!

So,  I will try everything and enjoy every aspect of the process.

Enjoy the journey!

Just create SOMETHING!


Reassessing priorities 

Reassessing priorities 

Have you ever had a clear picture of where your life was going? But then in taking the steps to get there you realize that the journey took so long that you now have new interests?! Lol Or that the place you moved to, opened up a whole new world you never knew you could have? !

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. We moved to a small community and things are going well. I’m involved in a few things around town including my new craft business. But as we build a chicken coop and possibly a rabbit hutch, I can’t help but think about the other things I’d rather put my attention on.

We essentially live at the lake. So things like canoeing and camping are very real attainable things for us right now. I’m starting to feel like I should be fitting into my surrounding environment more. At least more than I had really expected to. I came in here with certain goals. But now reality is showing me something a little different. Different good.

I wrote in an earlier post about how generous people here have been. I have a list as long as my arm of the fruit and produce that we were given. I was so busy canning and chopping and freezing! I’m now realizing that this alleviates some of the pressure to produce ALL things for our selves. Maybe I can befriend someone who has eggs and we can barter.

**I really need to perfect my pie making skills so I have something to offer in return.**

Don’t forget I have a store to run!  I am planning to do craft classes for kids and putting together a bake sale table once a week. And I already have 2 part time jobs. So it’s been heavy on my mind that I may actually have little time and quite fankly, little interest in dealing with animals this summer.  This comes with some guilt but ultimately its a tiny piece of the puzzle.  We are also starting on our house as soon as the weather clears. Trees need to come down.  Not just for the house but for an orchard! We need to build a few garden beds and organize the yard and maybe start a fence. 

Making garden beds, creating an orchard, building a house, enjoying some summer…. these are the building blocks to creating a future in our new home. Some day there will be animals! This year may only produce kittens 🙂 and I’m fine with that! Our girls have never experienced the wonder of life. So I’m really excited for that.

I’m learning to go with the flow and take things as they come.  I’ve truly been living day to day this winter and rolling with the punches. The quickest way to be disappointed is to have high expectations. I am learning to be here and present for and with my family. Things happen when it’s time.

It’s not time for chickens of our own. We looked into it and did all the math.  It’s just not worth the trouble right now. Someday it’ll be worth the experience! And we will cherish every moment… when it’s time.