My big news!

My big news!

I’ve been working on a secret project for a couple months now. Wait for it…

I’m opening a store! ! An actual one. Lol The bricks and mortar kind. It’s in a resort village, so I’ll be busiest in summer and hopefully the Christmas season. I may sell online during the off seasons. At any rate, I think I’ll be busy ☺

I’ve been dreaming of my own shop for years and all of the sudden it just fell into my lap. It isn’t quite what I was envisioning but I’m going to let it decide for itself the direction it will take. So far I’m crafting up a storm in there. I had the chance to spend some time woodworking this summer and absolutely loved it. It made me resent having to go to my day job. It’s all that I thought about! Lol. I also finally got myself a new sewing machine. That was a long overdue purchase.
My new space is small but it has “Location Location Location” on its side.  I’m right beside the museum, backing the golf course and share the parking lot with the Restaraunt. Very popular place. This quiet little village virtually EXPLODES at the seams during the summer months when everyone wants to be at the lake.

This is the view out my side window. I am beside a museum and here you can see the back of the clay oven , where they make doukhobor bread. And of course, the iconic red caboose 🙂

I’ve had some help building the retail counter and display shelves.  Now I’m waiting for the weather to warm up. I’ve been putting off my work space storage area for far too long. I want to haul out my barn wood and tackle some pallets and see if i can’t make some crates and shelving. I have a sewing corner set up and need to make all my supplies look neat and tidy.

It’s becoming real! I hung up posters and my fb page is up and running.  The shop is called Wild Flowers Craft Co. So by all means…head on over and take a peak. Remember I do plan on shipping items in my off season. So stay tuned. I’m already planning the end of season sale and the restock before Christmas. Lol So much to get excited about!

My girls love coming to “work” with me.  They’ve made many different items that have been really big sellers. Who doesn’t want to buy from kids?! They are kinda leaving me in the dust actually.  haha


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Welcome! I'm glad to share some of what I've learned over the years with you. I try to learn new things often. Being mostly self taught usually means making a lot of mistakes first. In the kitchen this includes, baking with yeast, canning, fermenting, soaking, drying foods, grinding my own flour, making most things homemade, altering recipes to make them healthier, etc. I started sewing more complicated things, learned to knit and then taught the kids. Next was crocheting and then homeschooling. More adventures ahead...

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