Rich Beet Chocolate Cake


I’m guessing a lot of you have fresh garden beets this time of year. I was given a sack of huge beets and needed to make something other than beet borscht. I found this simple cake from Anna Olson at the food network. Find the full recipe here.


The cake calls for cooked shredded beets. So I shredded the beets on the small side of my box grater and then covered with water in a pot and boiled gently for awhile. I then strained the water in a measuring cup and added enough water to make the amount of water it called for. Then I measured out the beets I needed. I think thats why my cake has so much more color than hers. That is of course up to you. Maybe you already have cooked beets in the fridge. Then just shred them and use water like she says.

It bakes up fudgy and quite yummy. We added a thin layer of icing and topped it with cooked beets and coconut for color.

Enjoy. My family did.

My daughter spreading the icing she made 🙂




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Welcome! I'm glad to share some of what I've learned over the years with you. I try to learn new things often. Being mostly self taught usually means making a lot of mistakes first. In the kitchen this includes, baking with yeast, canning, fermenting, soaking, drying foods, grinding my own flour, making most things homemade, altering recipes to make them healthier, etc. I started sewing more complicated things, learned to knit and then taught the kids. Next was crocheting and then homeschooling. More adventures ahead...

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