Removing a mole or skin tag naturally


Those pesky little things can be annoying and unsightly. I did visit my doctor about the one on my face and one that my son has. She was not concerned medically about them and seemed to have no interest in removing them cosmetically for us.


I had heard about and seen pictures documenting the removal of a mole with Apple Cider Vinegar. It took me a long time to work up the courage to try it myself. I chose a small, easy to reach one to practice on.



Step one was to ‘grease’ the surrounding area. Vasaline would work well. I used the petro-carbo salve from Watkins, cause that is what I had on hand. Then, I dipped a q-tip into the ACV and pulled it off the stick. (I used raw Braggs brand apple cider vinegar)

Bragg -raw, unfiltered

Bragg -raw, unfiltered

Place it  precisely over the mole and cover it with a band-aide. Do this before bed and remove in the morning.

2014-02-04 20.34.10
I waited a couple nights and did it again. 4 applications over the course of a week.

after -stilling healing

after -stilling healing

As you can see in the above picture… this mole was right by my bra strap. So it was a bit of an irritant.

And the final pic after it was all healed up.

All done. Just a smooth small scar.

All done. Just a smooth small scar.

So there you have it!! It can be done safely and with little trauma 🙂 The area was a little itchy and irritated, but no biggie. I was surprised at how fast and effectively it worked. So it seems very important to protect the skin around it, or I suspect you would have some peeling etc. going on.
So, good luck on removing your unwanted extra embellishments 😉


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