Crochet with color changes.


Crochet with color changes.
YouTube video tutorial I used (click above “Crochet with color changes.” to view.

Stripes… Sounds easy enough. Right? Well I didn’t catch on right away, So I made my stripes with ‘steps’ instead of smooth change overs.

2013-11-04 13.38.50

The steps run from one ear around the back to the other. The front is smooth stripes with a flower added off to the side.

My little one wanted her hat to come down in the back to cover her neck. So instead of making the ear flaps, I continued the side of the flap around the back of the head and just turned my work when I got to the front of the other ear. This gave a solid hat that allows the stripes to sit horizontal on the head, rather than the tilt require to cover the ears on the other hats.

Striped hat with a tassel on top and braided ties.

Striped hat with a tassel on top and braided ties.


And then the boy requested a hat …. with a row of diamonds!? Okay, I can do that :p

navy blue with green diamonds

navy blue with green diamonds

So here comes some talent with those color changes. Running 2 colors around the diamond area at the same time. Just like in the instruction video, keep the yarn you aren’t using tucked along the top of the row and crochet over it, keeping it tucked into your work until you need that color; then switch. Not so bad. Just hope those really do look like diamonds. I drew a little diagram of how I thought the stiches might line up. It didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped, but it’s a consistent pattern! So, that’s good enough for me 🙂

So there you go; lots learned from one video. Plenty of ideas to work with and as you can see, I didn’t create anything close to what the guy was teaching. haha, I guess I’m getting really good at making things my own.





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